Hearing Aid Batteries

Beltone hearing aids are powered by disposable zinc-air batteries or rechargeable batteries. Learning how to change or charge your hearing aid batteries is covered during your hearing aid fitting appointment at the Beltone Hearing Centre Lethbridge. Even if you didn’t buy your hearing aids from us, the hearing aid practitioner can show you how to care for your hearing aid batteries.

Disposable hearing aid batteries

Most hearing aids are powered by zinc-air batteries that look like small silver buttons. This type of battery cannot be recharged. At the end of the battery life, you remove the battery, discard it properly and then insert a new battery.

Zinc-air batteries generate a charge when the zinc in the battery comes in contact with the oxygen in the air around us. The charge may last up to a week depending on the battery size, the number and type of functions you use and the number of hours you wear your hearing aids.

Installing batteries is easy. Simply open the battery door, remove the old battery, open the new battery and remove the factory sticker. It’s important to wait at least a minute after you remove the sticker so the battery will be fully activated before it is installed.

Buying disposable batteries

Shopping for zinc-air disposable batteries for your Beltone hearing aids is simple. The different battery sizes are coded by colour and number. Just remember the colour or number and stop by Beltone Hearing Centre Lethbridge and stock up on fresh batteries. The most common battery sizes in Canada are:

  • Size 5 batteries: Red label
  • Size 10 batteries: Yellow label
  • Size 312 batteries: Brown label
  • Size 13 batteries: Orange label
  • Size 675 batteries: Blue label

The larger the battery, the longer life you can expect from the battery.

Rechargeable batteries

More and more people are opting for the freedom you get from rechargeable hearing aid batteries. These batteries use the same technology that powers smartphones, tablets and laptops. They use lithium-ion technology to provide long-lasting power for your hearing aids. Just one charge can last up to 30 hours.

All you do is place your hearing aids in the charging station each night before you go to sleep and in the morning your hearing aids are ready to take on the day when you are. And if you forget, it’s not a problem. A simple 30-minute recharge can power your hearing aids for up to 8 hours.

If problems with vision or dexterity make it difficult for you to handle small items like button-sized batteries and battery doors, hearing aids with rechargeable batteries may be the perfect solution for you.