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How Are Hearing Aids Programmed?

Hearing aids may seem like simple devices on the surface. Through directional microphones and other amplification infrastructure, their primary purpose is to help those with hearing loss more easily distinguish external sounds. However, hearing aids are sophisticated devices, which is why it’s so important to speak to the best hearing instrument specialist (HIS) to find […]

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5 Tips for Better Hearing While Traveling

If you live with hearing loss, traveling can be a challenging experience for you. This is especially true if you’ve been recently diagnosed with a lower level of hearing. After all, if you don’t know your surroundings, it can be hard to comprehend what’s going on around you. That can be anxiety inducing in many […]

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What Are Earmolds, and How Do They Work?

Earmolds are an essential part of the hearing aid process. They play a crucial role in helping hearing aids fit comfortably and securely in your ear. In this blog post, we will discuss what earmolds are and how they work. We will also provide tips on choosing the right earmold for your needs! What Are […]

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5 Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss

Did you know that hearing loss is the world’s third most common health problem? It’s a problem that affects millions of people, yet many don’t even know they have it. This blog post will discuss five surprising causes of hearing loss. If you are affected by any of these issues, it is essential to get […]

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At What Level is Hearing Loss Considered a Disability?

Hearing loss is a gradual process that can occur over time from overexposure to loud noises, ageing or genetics. While hearing loss may not be considered a disability at first, it can eventually lead to one if left untreated. This blog post will discuss what level of hearing loss is considered a disability and how […]

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Signs You are Wearing an Ill-fitting Hearing Aid

If you are experiencing hearing loss, one of the best things you can do is to get a hearing aid. These devices sit in or around your ears and use a built-in microphone to make sounds louder. It can be invaluable to enable you to engage fully in conversations or enjoy films and music to […]

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The Problems with Too Much Earwax

Everyone gets wax in their ears from time to time. Perhaps you’ve taken out your headphones and noticed they’re covered in orange-brown goo, or maybe someone has pointed out that your ears need a clean. It can be unpleasant and annoying, but usually, there is nothing to worry about. Earwax is an oily substance, properly […]

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How to Properly Maintain Your Hearing Aid at Home

Hearing aids need proper care to help protect them. Some repairs that hearing aids need should be carried out by a professional. However, there are numerous things you can do to look after your hearing aids at home. By taking good care of your hearing aids, you can prevent them from being damaged and keep […]

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Hearing Loss on The Rise For All Demographics

Hearing loss is on the rise in all demographics. It’s an issue that affects people of all ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. If you are one of the many individuals who have hearing loss or are at risk for it, then this blog post is for you! It will cover some vital information about why […]

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How Can I Make My Hearing Aids More Comfortable?

Hearing aids are devices that help people who have trouble hearing due to impaired. They work by amplifying sound waves and emitting them into the ear canal with a microphone, which converts them into electrical signals that the brain can understand. There are different types of hearing aids available on the market today, but not […]