Our Hearing Professionals

Shawn Sakatch : Owner - Operator

Shawn Sakatch

Owner - Operator


Shawn Sakatch has lived his entire life in Lethbridge and has over 30 years of management experience in multiple industries. He believes in Customer Engagement which is a step beyond the traditional Customer Service that everyone has come to know and expect. “We have moved beyond the era of customer service and are now into a new era of customer engagement”. “Customers want you to be involved with their purchase and to understand their needs and wants and to be able to provide them with the best possible product”. He has been an active member in the sports community for over 30 years both as a coach and as a Board Member. Shawn is extremely excited to be working with his wife Sherry along with their son Kevin and his wife Stephanie.

Sherry Sakatch : Owner - Administrator

Sherry Sakatch

Owner - Administrator


Sherry Sakatch has lived in Southern Alberta her entire life and excels in customer service. This began at the age of 10 when she helped with their family-owned business in Beaver Mines and continued on while operating her own home business and continued jobs working with the public. Sherry believes in looking to find the best solution for customers and wants to help improve their quality of life as she has first-hand experience with having a child with a hearing loss from birth as well as experiencing her own loss of hearing. “It would be my greatest pleasure to give the gift of hearing to anyone experiencing hearing loss”. She has been involved in the sporting community in Lethbridge for 25 years thanks to her and her husband Shawn’s 2 sons, Kevin and Trevor, and been engaged both as a coach and Board Member. Sherry is very excited to be working with her husband Shawn, son Kevin and his wife Stephanie. “I am looking forward to having our family help your family.”

Stephanie Sakatch : Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

Stephanie Sakatch

Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner


Stephanie was born and raised in Lethbridge, and truly enjoys her community and the beautiful lifestyle it has to offer. Stephanie has worked in the field of health care since 2012 and has developed a passion for hearing healthcare beginning in 2016. She loved bringing the latest technology to her community and believes that communication is truly the foundation of essential human interaction. She believes everyone deserves an opportunity to try a solution for hearing loss. Everyone truly deserves to hear their loved ones, friends, and the sounds of nature. She can't wait to give back to the Lethbridge and area community by providing superior care, service, and hearing technology. In addition to her board certification in hearing instrument sciences (NBC-HIS), Stephanie is also a member of the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners (CHAPA), the International Hearing Society (IHS), and the Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society (CHIPS).

Kevin Sakatch : Administrator - Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

Kevin Sakatch

Administrator - Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner


Born and raised in Lethbridge, Kevin started his hearing aid journey when he was 8 years old when he received his very first hearing aid. Twenty years later and he is very excited to be able to give back to the community that raised him with something that means a great deal to him, giving people the opportunity to hear again. Kevin is board certified in hearing instrument sciences (BC-HIS) and a registered hearing aid practitioner with the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta. He uses his experiences as a hearing aid user to help his clients and his schooling to provide clients with unparalleled service, quality products, and the knowledge that he knows what it's like to go through the journey to better hearing.