Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

Success in wearing hearing aids requires that the devices be precisely tuned and programmed to deliver sound as naturally as possible. Beltone Hearing Centre Lethbridge uses the latest technology to program and adjust your hearing aids to perfection.

Whether you come into our office for regular programme check-ups or have the hearing aid practitioner perform this service remotely while you stay at home, your hearing aids will always be set to deliver sound at comfortable levels. 

Solus technology at Beltone Hearing Centre Lethbridge

Beltone uses proprietary Solus technology in the hearing aid fitting process. This patient-centred approach lets you guide the hearing aid practitioner all through the fitting process. Because the hearing aid fitting process is interactive, you shape the outcome and get better results from your new hearing technology. 

During the hearing aid fitting, the hearing aid practitioner leverages the power of Solus to:

  • Recommend specific programmes for you to use based on your specific lifestyle needs
  • Program and fine-tune the settings for your hearing aids based on your individual hearing loss situation and needs
  • Review all settings for follow-up visits

Live speech mapping

In addition to Solus technology, the hearing aid practitioner at Beltone Hearing Centre Lethbridge uses live speech mapping to further adjust your new hearing aids.

You’ll be asked to bring a friend or family member to the fitting appointment, and their familiar voice will be used to finalize the programming of your hearing aids. Live speech mapping has proven to provide superior outcomes to hearing aid wearers than other conventional methods of adjusting hearing aids. 

More than just fitting and programming

The Beltone Hearing Aid Centre in Lethbridge is committed to your happiness with your hearing aids. Our hearing aid practitioner takes the time to show you how to care for your hearing aids, perform routine maintenance such as recharging or changing batteries, and makes sure you are comfortable inserting and removing your devices.

Some people adjust to wearing hearing aids immediately, and others need a time of transition. Much like wearing glasses for the first time, you’ll learn how to retrain your brain to handle this new input. 

Before you leave, you’ll schedule a follow-up visit to check on your progress. 

During the fitting process, we also review the many features your Beltone hearing aids offer to make your listening.