5 Tips for Better Hearing While Traveling

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If you live with hearing loss traveling can be a challenging experience for you This is especially true if you’ve been recently diagnosed with a lower level of hearing After all if you don’t know your surroundings it can be hard to comprehend what’s going on around you That can be anxiety inducing in many people 

Indeed getting on a plane and flying off to a foreign location can be incredibly knocking to your hearing confidence And if you’re a common solo traveler this can become an issue preventing you from enjoying your usual activities But if you know how to travel while using hearing aids you’ll have a much better time during your trip away Here are our expert top tips for better hearing while traveling

Set Up Your Aids for Traveling

Modern hearing aids tend to be connected to the user’s phone so be sure to check on this before you head off For example you may need to tap the flight mode connection option when you’re on a plane – check beforehand to make sure this works the way you need to You should also monitor the general state of your aids here too 

Take Plenty of Batteries with You

The majority of hearing aids are fitted with long life batteries but you never know when you may run into an emergency As such be sure to pack extra batteries in case you’re in need of replacement They may fall out they may become faulty or they may be at the end of their life and you’ve just not noticed 

Peace of mind is a big part of traveling when you’re living with hearing impairment and having a spare just in case goes a long way to making aid users more comfortable A set of spare batteries in your carry on will mean they’re in reach at all times and can help you to rest easily while you’re travelling 

Take Protective Earbuds with You

Even though you’re wearing hearing aids you’ll need to have some ear protection along with you too You never know when you may come across loud noise such as roadworks or local events and need to protect your ears 

A standard pair of earbuds will work just fine here When you’re not using your aids simply pop them in to ensure your hearing levels aren’t further impacted by your environment You can also take earmuffs or noise cancelling headphones along with you to wear over the aids if you need to be noise conscious while out and about 

Keep an Eye Out for Hearing Loop Signs

These signs can be found in countries all over the world and let a hearing aid wearer know what position to put their fitted aids in Most commonly spotted in supermarkets museums and galleries as well as any other indoor tourist areas they’ll help you to stay informed about what’s going on 

Not all loops are obvious and it’s signs like these you should keep an eye out for Not all loop positions are universal either so you may need to wear your aid differently in one area even if you’re still in the same city 

Keep Your Aids Clean

Finally make sure you take hearing aid cleaning supplies on your travels with you You may need to clean your aids at the beginning or end of each day especially if you’re visiting a country with heavy weather or you’re taking part in strenuous activities 

You’ll need to pack a soft small brush for wiping parts of the aid down as well as something to pull out wax from the bud However depending on the type of hearing aid you’re wearing whether behind the ear in the ear or in the canal talk to your hearing instrument specialist about the best way to clean them 

Talk to us About Your Hearing Travel Needs

If you want to travel in the near future it’s best to talk to your hearing instrument specialist HIS before you go away They’ll be able to walk you through how best to use your hearing aid and make sure you’re able to have a comfortable solution to your traveling worries 

And here at Beltone Hearing Center Lethbridge we’re always happy to help Get in touch with us on 4039424327 to talk over your travel plans and how you plan to use your hearing aids while away We’ll help you come up with the right action plan and make sure your aids are totally fit for purpose