Five things you don’t know about hearing aids

Many people think they know all there is to know about hearing aids.  The following are 5 things you may not know about hearing aids.

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Hearing aids are advanced medical devices that enable users to hear in quiet and in more difficult hearing environments: Hearing aid technology has come a long way from the big, bulky devices of the past. Most hearing aids are now extremely cosmetic and nearly invisible when worn. Many hearing aid users can now wear hearing aids that are “open” in the ear canal eliminating the sometimes uncomfortable feeling when the ear is plugged.

Connectivity and accessibility have improved: Hearing aids allow direct wireless streaming from mobile devices, televisions and small microphones that can be worn by a companion. Smartphone users can stream music or calls directly to their hearing aids. In addition to wireless streaming from the phone, this streaming is also available from the TV and companion microphones. Companion microphones, when worn in a noisy environment, provide the benefit of allowing for hearing of the companion’s voice in even the most difficult environments. Click here to learn about the Beltone apps that will help enhance your Beltone hearing aid experience. 

No more batteries: Hearing aids are smaller than ever, so that means small batteries.  When the batteries would run out, it would become a slight nuisance to remove the old and install the new one. Now you can have hearing aids with rechargeable batteries and portable chargers, a great benefit to those with vision or dexterity limitations. Our latest model the Beltone Amaze can be recharged overnight and be worn up to 30-hours of uninterrupted hearing. 

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