Why Choose a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

If you believe that your hearing might not be as good as it once was your first instinct is to find a professional who can provide a diagnosis and offer treatment options However that process can be challenging Today there are many different hearing professionals out there all seemingly offering something different 

In this post we take a look at some of the reasons you might want to go to a hearing instrument specialist HIS These professionals identify common causes of hearing loss and provide patients with hearing aids suitable for their needs 

A High Level of Training and Experience

Becoming a hearing instrument specialist requires extensive training and experience To become board certified in most states HIS candidates must: 

  • Complete a training course approved by the Health and Care Professions Council
  • Pass the National Competency Examination
  • Have at least two years of experience in the field

HIS who pass these requirements gain the boardcertified credentials 

Most HIS need a minimum of a highschool diploma to work in the field However many employers insist that candidates have a degree in a related subject for fulltime work in hearing instrument dispensing 

Hence when you go to a HIS you know that you are getting medical attention from a highly qualified trained and experienced individual This training allows HIS to provide you with the best possible advice and offer hearing aids that suit your specific needs 

Great for Hearing Tests

HIS can also perform hearing tests To conduct the test the HIS will ask you to wear a pair of headphones They will then pipe you sounds of varying frequency When they do you indicate when you can hear a sound and the HIS will record the result 

Hearing instrument specialists are great because they will often sit down with you and go through the results They can tell you whether your hearing is normal or if you have a case of hearing loss They can also explain what the output of their tests means so you can see precisely what type of hearing loss you have For example hearing loss might be greater in your left ear than your right or you might struggle to hear sounds in the upper range more than the lower 

Great for Hearing Aid Adjustments

Hearing instrument specialists can also make hearing aid adjustments for you For instance you may find that your hearing aid isn’t quite right after an initial fitting If that’s the case you can return to your HIS and ask them to change some of the settings They will then work with you to find a combination that works best for you 

Furthermore you can often use them for hearing aid troubleshooting and repairs HIS often have indepth knowledge that allows them to assess your hearing aids and recommend fixes or replacement 

Great for Choosing Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aid market is enormous There are many different styles all offering an abundance of features Thus picking the right one for you and your budget can be a challenge 

HIS are great in this regard too They talk to you about your lifestyle and then use any information they gather to find a device that will suit you best always taking your preferences into account 

First they will start by discussing the form factor of the device that you need such as intheear behindtheear or inthecanal Then they will move on to talking about features such as noisecancelling telecoils and Bluetooth 

Once they narrow down suitable devices they will show you a selection they believe would be appropriate for you Good HIS never push any particular product on you Instead they function as a guide steering you towards the best choices 

Honest Open and Communicative

Perhaps the best thing about HIS is the fact that you can talk to them about anything to do with your hearing or hearing aids For example if you are struggling to use your hearing aids the way that you would like hearing instrument specialists will help you find a device that works better for you You can also talk to them frankly about any hearing loss progression or worries that you might have about your hearing

Choosing the right hearing instrument specialist can be exceptionally rewarding However to get the most out of the relationship you’ll need to be open and honest about your requirements 

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