What Are Earmolds, and How Do They Work?

hearing aid specialist demonstrating the use of a premium red hearing aid

Earmolds are an essential part of the hearing aid process They play a crucial role in helping hearing aids fit comfortably and securely in your ear In this blog post we will discuss what earmolds are and how they work We will also provide tips on choosing the right earmold for your needs!

What Are Earmolds?

Earmolds are custommade earpieces that are designed to fit snugly in your ear Earmolds can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • To improve the fit of hearing aids
  • To protect the ear from loud noise
  • To prevent ear infections
  • To relieve pressure in the ear

How Do Earmolds Work?

Earmolds work by creating a seal between the mold and the ear canal This seal helps to minimise sound loss and feedback Additionally earmolds help to secure hearing aids in place This is especially important for people who have active lifestyles or wear their hearing aids for long periods

How Are Earmolds Made?

Earmolds are made from various materials including silicone vinyl and urethane The earmold material used will depend on the hearing aid style and the ear anatomy For example people with small ear canals may benefit from earmolds made from softer materials like silicone Earmolds are custommade to fit the ear canal snugly They are usually fitted by a hearing instrument specialist HIS

A HIS will take an impression of your ear using a soft putty material to make an earmold Once the putty hardens it is removed and used to create a model of your ear From there the earmold is created Finally the earmold will be fitted to your ear to ensure it is comfortable and provides the best possible sound quality

If you wear hearing aids you may need to get earmolds made every few years as your ear changes shape over time Earmolds are a great way to improve the fit and function of your hearing aids If you have any questions about earmolds be sure to ask your HIS They will be able to help you find the right earmold for your needs

Choosing the Right Earmold

There are a few things to consider when choosing an earmold:

  • You will need to choose the right size earmold for your ear
  • You will need to select a material that is comfortable for you
  • You will need to decide on the style of earmold that you prefer

If you are unsure which earmold is right for you we recommend consulting with a hearing instrument specialist They will be able to help you find the perfect earmold for your needs!

Earmolds are an essential part of the hearing aid process If you are considering purchasing hearing aids ask your hearing instrument specialist about earmolds!

Taking Care of Your Earmolds

Once you have your earmolds it is vital to take care of them! Here are a few tips on how to do so:

  • Store earmolds in a dry safe place when not in use
  • Avoid exposing earmolds to extreme temperatures
  • Clean earmolds regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap

Do not attempt to adjust or fix earmolds on your own Instead a hearing instrument specialist should do this

Types Of Earmolds

Earmolds come in various shapes and sizes and can be custommade to fit the ear canal There are two main types of earmolds:

  • Full Shell: This earmold covers the entire outer ear and is held in place with an ear hook Full shell earmolds are usually made of hard plastic or acrylic
  • Half Shell: Half shell earmolds only cover the lower half of the outer ear They are held in place with an ear hook or adhesive tape Half shell earmolds are usually made of silicone which is a soft flexible material

The type of earmold you choose will depend on your hearing loss the size and shape of your ear canal and your lifestyle Your hearing instrument specialist will help you choose the right earmold for you

Earmolds can be made in a variety of colours The most popular colour is skin tone but you can also choose from various colours including clear blue pink and red You can even have patterns or designs printed on your earmolds!

Earmolds are vital to hearing aids and other hearing devices They help improve the sound quality of these devices and make them more comfortable to wear There are various earmold types and colours available so you can choose the earmold that is right for you If you have any questions about earmolds be sure to ask your hearing instrument specialist Contact Beltone Hearing Center Lethbridge on 4039424327 for more information