How Are Hearing Aids Programmed?

a hearing professional is showing her patient how to use a hearing aid

Hearing aids may seem like simple devices on the surface Through directional microphones and other amplification infrastructure their primary purpose is to help those with hearing loss more easily distinguish external sounds

However hearing aids are sophisticated devices which is why it’s so important to speak to the best hearing instrument specialist HIS to find the right one for you This is especially important as new and more featurerich hearing devices are released each year

In addition one specific hearing aid may be configured in a number of different ways so that it can be of most use to a given patient But how can a HIS program your hearing aids and what exactly are they doing during that process? Let’s consider this below:

Why Do Hearing Aids Need to Be Programmed?

Hearing aids must be optimized for the person wearing them This is because hearing loss is not a binary experience but a spectrum Each person may have slightly different requirements for the hearing aid they need which is why intheear ITE behindtheear BTE and inthecanal ITC variants exist

When a HIS programs your hearing aid they finetune and tailor it to your unique needs 

What Can Be Adjusted with Programming?

Using a range of algorithmbased and advanced computer formatting techniques your hearing instrument specialist can:

  • Optimize realear probe microphones: These help identify the sounds reaching your eardrum and more accurately utilise that input so you get the cleanest hearing experience possible with the most precise audio representation
  • VSM also known as visible speech mapping: This mapping allows a hearing aid specialist to balance the amplification of that external input so it more accurately represents the volume of exterior input
  • Surround sound adjustments: By using surroundsound programs a hearing instrument specialist can more easily map how your hearing aid will function in the real world only in a controlled environment Again this allows for the most accurate amplification when needed
  • Balancing amplification inputs from side to side: If you need two hearing aid devices they will work in sync That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll provide the exact same amplification in each ear as hearing loss is not necessarily symmetrical As such proper programming allows each device to work in tandem

Can’t I Just Program My Hearing Aids Myself?

Experienced users of hearing aids may feel that they know what their hearing aid amplification needs are particularly if they’ve been using a singular model or brand for some time However it’s heavily discouraged that you do this and you should avoid that temptation at all costs hearing aid specialists use specific equipment to ensure your hearing aids are properly calibrated and the settings for one hearing aid may not be perfectly the same as its opposing device 

Furthermore only hearing aid specialists and manufacturers carry the correct equipment to tune your device in an official and medicallyapproved capacity no matter what the aftermarket product may promise

Can Hearing Aid Settings Be Adjusted?

Yes absolutely In fact hearing aid specialists are quite used to encountering semiregular checkups with their patients because hearing loss can become more pronounced as time goes on As hearing loss is a spectrum it may be that your amplification measures need to be properly balanced in response to that

In addition it’s not uncommon for those who have had their hearing aids programmed to come back for minor adjustments should they need them perhaps weeks after the tuning procedure has taken place This isn’t a great failing on behalf of your hearing aid specialist rather a worthwhile response to direct and reallife testing So don’t be afraid to ask them for this service they’ll be more than happy to comply

Where Should I Get My Hearing Aids Programmed?

The Beltone Hearing Center in Lethbridge is proud to have tuned a wide variety of hearing aids available to meet the individual needs of any patient Through our testing and evaluation process we can help you unlock clear hearing for a heightened quality of life and the chance to create perfect memories

No question is too small or large for our team In addition to our vast array of hearing aid technology our specialists are also happy to program adjust and further retune your hearing aids so that the best result is always available no matter the extent or progression of your hearing loss

To learn more about programming hearing aids finding the right technology or just more information on proper cleaning and maintenance reach out to one of our team members by calling 4039424327 today